These are the stories of people who have walked the Adventist life for many years. In most cases they are the products of generations of loving families who have followed in the footsteps of people like H.M.S. Richards, Graham Maxwell, and Morris Venden. Their greatest desire has been to be right with God. They are like you.

Somehow, though, they failed to find a place of security and certainty about their positions in eternity. They believed in the Sabbath, the state of the dead, the prophetic gift of Ellen White, the health message and the end-time teachings of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Still, something was missing. If they were honest with themselves they had to admit that they feared the Investigative Judgment and they feared death. They felt a certain discomfort in talking about Jesus and had little passion for sharing Him with others. In fact, they were uncomfortable even being with outsiders.

If someone were to ask them how to be saved they would have to admit to a confused mixture of faith and practice. They didn’t have a clear answer to the questions about salvation. They would never have uttered the words, “I am saved.” It sounded arrogant to them.

At some point, they knew that something needed to change in their lives. Below (drop-down menu for this page), they share their stories of discovery with you. Read them and see if you can relate to what they have felt - and learned. One story was written by an “outsider” as she gives her experience in encountering Seventh-day Adventism first-hand.

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Amazing Grace             John Newton/ Chris Tomlin
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