Seventh-day Advenitist, Adventist, Adventist Doctrine
Come and drift into a moment of delicious imagination. Walk along one of the streets of Israel in 31 AD. Jesus comes by with the crowd that always followed Him, and stops, looks deeply in your eyes and sees everything in your heart. What does He see? Are you skeptical, hopeful, passionate, fearful? Are you afraid that He will not love or accept you? Are you bored, distant, disappointed? Do you wish you were passionate toward Him?  Not your tradition or group, but Jesus? Do you find yourself talking more about Adventist news and little about the Lord?

When you think about an inner spiritual life, are you focused on the specifics of the Adventist Church with few thoughts directed to Jesus? Has the Adventist emphasis on Sabbath, the state of the dead, Investigative Judgment, Ellen White and SDA culture taken a more prominent place in your thoughts than the cross? Maybe there are reasons you have lost focus on Jesus. This website is designed to help Adventists rekindle a deep love for Jesus Christ. Perhaps you will be gently broken by His love as He transforms your heart by His gentle Spirit and draws you into His presence. He wants you to experience His Sabbath rest.

Visit all the links and let Jesus draw you to His presence in new and deeper ways. Work your way thru the studies linked thru the Ultimate Rest (Sabbath), Spirit (State of the Dead), and Faith or Fear? (Investigative Judgment) pages below. Read the journeys of others in Young SDA and Seasoned SDA, go to "The Chapel" to soak in His presence and pray. Keep coming until you Know that you HAVE eternal life.
"Sweetly Broken" by Jeremy Riddle: used by permission